LOOT is about locally inspired products and foods. It is about a love of unique materials, traditional methods, real ingredients, simple designs, things inspired by nature and the craft that goes into
anything made by hand.

To this end, LOOT contributes to the local product movement by telling stories through pictures.
By photographing these special products and foods and featuring them in this online journal the goal is to create a resource for others to be inspired by and seek out
amazing, local LOOT made by people with heart.

Melissa DiPalma Photography

LOOT Journal was created by photographer Melissa DiPalma. She specializes in helping food, home and fashion brands connect with customers through photography and visual content creation for web, print and social media. See more of her work at www.melissadipalma.com.

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A curated journal of locally inspired, small-batch, modern, handmade and authentic LOOT.
Learn more about amazing food and beautiful things made by people with heart.