Loot List no. 2// Handcrafted Halloween Treats

Looking for a special treat this Halloween? When the flurry of trick-or-treating is over, these are the goodies you will remember...

Halloween Cookies
Merci Bakery, Florida
Pastry Chef Mona Flood creates these amazingly detailed cookies from her bakery outside Orlando, FL. The shapes, colors and themes are works of edible art.

Chocolate Spider Webs
Veruca Chocolates, Chicago
Former pediatrician turned chocolatier, Heather Johnston combines different chocolate varieties with things like sea salt and cocoa nibs in these Halloween treats. "I design each chocolate in a way that incorporates color, shape, pattern and texture to indulge all of the senses. I hope you enjoy tasting my chocolates as much as I enjoy making them for you."

Caramel Apple Corn
Roni-Sue, New York
Made with locally grown organic popcorn, cultured butter, light brown sugar, agave, & cider syrups, organic dried apples and sea salt. All things Halloween in one!

Coconut & Salted Caramel Bar
Mayana Chocolate, Wisconsin
If you thought candy bars only came in wrappers in the checkout isle or as "fun-size" morsels at Halloween, consider this - a handmade combination of coconut cookie, salted caramel, creamy coconut and dark chocolate. Trick-or-Treat!