Simple, Modern Collections from 3 Maine Jewelry Designers

The state of Maine may conjure images of rocky coasts, deep forests and rapid rivers - a rugged and unforgiving terrain. But these three designers create pieces that reflect another side of Maine, simple, organic and unexpected. All of their designs are handcrafted in Maine and will remind you of the many sides of this unique place...

Maggie Bokor Jewelry, South Portland, Maine
"Feel More You. The intention behind my work is to inspire everyone to embrace their essential self. I am known for my organic elegant jewelry. I design from the heart, inspired by my beautiful coastal surroundings."

Lisa Gent Jewelry, Cape Elizabeth, Maine
"I strive to create pieces that are simple yet intriguing to look at and that will stand the test of time. Taking my cue from nature I strive to create work that is organic and beckons to be worn."

Squirrel's Nest Jewelry, Freeport, Maine
"I design with versatility in mind. I strive to be somewhat of a minimalist when it comes to my own style, so I want jewelry that I don't have to change if I switch from my gardening gear to casual jeans to a cute dress. I design and hand craft all of my earrings, including shaping and hammering wire into ear climbers and open hoops."