Small Scale Farming and Handmade Quality in New Hampshire

Mayfair Farm, Harrisville, NH

Gluten Free Almond Cake     Photo: Melissa DiPalma

Gluten Free Almond Cake    Photo: Melissa DiPalma

I got to know Mayfair Farm and owners Sarah and Craig when my former studio was located at the Harrisville Mills in Harrisville, NH. Their farm is just out of town off a dirt road and hidden away in the woods. But it's quiet location can be deceiving since arriving at the farm reveals a bustle of activity happening everyday. There are the animals (pigs, chickens, lamb), the orchards, the farm store (open daily, payment with the honor system) and the farm kitchen where Sarah and her team prepare everything from catered feasts to classic biscotti. The quality and diversity of their offerings is impressive considering that they started the farm themselves in 2011 and have grown the business steadily since.

Handmade Sausages & Farm Dinners    Photos: Melissa DiPalma

Handmade Sausages & Farm Dinners   Photos: Melissa DiPalma

Pigs Raised in NH Woods    Photos: Melissa DiPalma

Pigs Raised in NH Woods   Photos: Melissa DiPalma

Some of their products include handmade sausages, jams and jellies from their orchard fruits, baked goods including gluten free almond cake, brownies, biscotti, and starting this year, their own maple syrup. They specialize in raising old style pig breeds and Dorset cross lambs in the woods and on their pastures and feeding non-GMO grains. Their goal is to create a diversified farm with the highest quality foods available in southern New Hampshire.

Almond Biscotti & Cake    Photos: Melissa DiPalma

Almond Biscotti & Cake   Photos: Melissa DiPalma

Handmade Raspberry Jam    Photo: Melissa DiPalma

Handmade Raspberry Jam   Photo: Melissa DiPalma

Orchard Berries, Apples & Pears    Photos: Melissa DiPalma

Orchard Berries, Apples & Pears   Photos: Melissa DiPalma

Yet another side of their business is built on catering and special events like seasonal farm dinners held on the farm. The range of ingredients they can offer from their own farm and others in the Monadnock region allows them to create handcrafted, locally-sourced menus. 

Eggs & Spring Chicks    Photos: Melissa DiPalma

Eggs & Spring Chicks   Photos: Melissa DiPalma

Some of their products are also now available in NH Whole Foods stores and will also soon be available through their website in an online store (stay tuned!).

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