Craving: Yummy Mummy Brownies

Simple but Awesome

What is unique or special about your brownies?
My brownies are based on my grandmother’s original recipe. They are definitely special- rich, decadent and fudgy. The base recipe uses only 5 ingredients. Simple but awesome:-). The company’s real name is Yummy Mummy Brands but people know me as Yummy Mummy Brownies. I have run the business for over 9 years. I opened Yummy Mummy Bakery, my retail shop, 1 1/2 years ago.

How does the New England region influence your products?
New England influences what types of brownies and baked goods were make! The seasons and holiday specials are a huge part of it. We make gingerbread in the winter, strawberry/rhubarb sweets in the spring, lemon blondies in the summer and apple and cinnamon treats in the fall.