Totally Rad: kitchen + kraft

Natural Fibers and Dyes

What is unique or special about your products/designs?
think in today's world it's easy to look for the quick fix and whatever is the most convenient choice. It's special when someone takes time and care to make something from scratch. Whether it be a homemade cookie or a hand-sewn dress. You appreciate and handle these items in a different way. They make you think. Those items have a story. A person behind them. I want nothing more than to make people think about where the items they use come from. It's important to buy local, support small business and get back to our roots. I want to show people that being mindful, taking the time to nourishing their body, mind and soul is so worth it, and that being mindful is pretty rad.

How does the New England region inspire or influence your work?
I've lived in New England my whole life and think that there's no choice but to be influenced by your surroundings. Lucky for me, those surroundings are nothing short of inspiring. The simplicity and beauty of each season is really something special. The natural items I use to dye my fabric create subtle, earthy tones reminiscent of the special environment New England is known for.


Instagram and Twitter: @kitchenandkraft