Textiles, Pattern, Paper: Lupin Studio

Patterns for Your Table

 Jane Dent Grady – Founder/Designer

What is unique or special about your designs and products?
At Lupin Studio, we do not think of ourselves as being purely in the business of designing and selling products. At the core, our mission is to bring beauty into our customers’ lives, enhancing the quality of their everyday life through the products they use or see every day. Featuring a combination of unexpected colors, distinctive patterns, and beautiful fabrics, we aim to bring a fresh and happy sensibility into the everyday.

How does the New England region influence your work?
I would not say that my influences come from one place. My designs reflect a culmination of inspiration and influences from everywhere I have lived and visited, and experiences I have had along the way. And having resided in different countries and cultures over the past decade has no doubt inspired and informed my creativity.

 Website and online store: www.lupinstudio.com