Loot List No. 1: 5 Handmade Products to Bring Autumn Indoors

Now that September is slipping into October you might be seeing leaves falling outside your window or noticing how the light is changing and the smell in the air is different. Autumn has its own crunchy, colorful, woodsy feeling so we found some beautiful handmade items that will help you bring the outdoors inside this season.

Fall Festival Soy Candle

Karmalit creates candles hand poured in Denver, CO and offers several different scents that will bring back childhood memories of fall as a kid. Karmalit is "not just another candle company" producing products that are sustainable (wax is made from soybeans harvested here in the USA), non-toxic, burn cleaner and last longer. And speaking of kids, a portion of their sales are donated to classrooms across the country to help teachers buy supplies they need for their students. How to get one...

Tree Branch Hook No. 2
Hella Slingshots

These wall hooks are completely unexpected yet so practical. Made by Adam Gray of Hella Slingshots in San Francisco, CA, they are cut from forked tree branches so each one is unique and make you think of the woods every time you hang your hat.
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Porcupine Throw Pillow
Hearth and Harrow

Textile designs from Hearth and Harrow are simple, natural and handmade from start to finish in Massachusetts. Each pillow begins as an original watercolor painting and is screen printed by hand using non-toxic water-based inks. As a company they design what is true to them - "Our paring down of modern clutter has allowed us to think about design that doesn't add to the noise of everyday life." This porcupine would be welcome in my house.
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Shanty Man Log Carrier
Peg + Awl

Master designers and makers of waxed canvas goods, Peg + Awl products are hand sewn in Philadelphia, PA. This particular item is a life saver (take it from someone who's job it was to haul wood into the house daily as a kid for the wood stove). The rugged materials and construction are built to last.
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Personalized Cutting Board

The folks at Bloxstyle in Maryland will custom engrave one of these solid wood cutting boards with a family monogram, as a wedding gift or other personalization. Choice of five different wood types and two sizes, this is a practical, beautiful and meaningful gift that could be used everyday.
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