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Natural cotton handmade pillows ( Gray Green Goods ) and white linen throw blanket ( Always Piper ) all made in New England.

Natural cotton handmade pillows (Gray Green Goods) and white linen throw blanket (Always Piper) all made in New England.

As spring gets closer, you may be feeling the need to simplify. To shed winter things, de-clutter your space and let the light in. The trend towards more minimal lifestyles suggests that people are less interested in owning more stuff, and more focused on making sure the stuff they have is useful, long lasting and beautiful. To this end, LOOT was inspired to pull together a "collection" of unique handmade products that exemplify simple living and style. We selected products that all shared a simple neutral color (white!) and represented some of the best makers and artisans in New England. Bringing these things into your home, you might be inspired to simplify more and live with less!

In this, our first collection feature, we are highlighting four simple style trends with items made by New England designers. Don't miss our shopping guide for this collection so you can purchase any of these items directly from the local maker.


A simple way to collect and organize all the little things you use everyday - keys, mail, jewelry, etc. These lovely coiled rope baskets by Wild Carrot Cordage (CT) come in many different sizes and can be used to hold all sorts of things around the house. Shopping Guide

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Interesting angles and lines are featured in these designs. The trend towards these patterns is found in textiles, objects, jewelry and furniture, as well as these beautiful pieces made here in New England. Hand sewn all natural geometric pillows by Gray Green Goods (MA), and angular concrete succulent planters by Sunny Florist (MA).
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Simple color palettes of white, off-white, gray and brown create a unifying look and make spaces feel bigger. And when you buy things in neutral tones, you are assured they will never go out of style like this canvas tote bag from Steele Canvas Basket Corp. (MA) and pure white linen throw blanket by Always Piper (ME).
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Message Inspired Prints

Remind yourself of the pleasure and importance of life's simple things. A cheerful message, beautiful typography and subtle color, adds beauty and meaning to your space. This print by Of Note Stationers (MA) is small enough for a place on a shelf. (Also seen here concrete planters by Sunny Florist). 
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Handmade items can become a focal point to any simple space and style. They cause us to look more carefully at how things are made, appreciate materials and design, and can remind us of places we have been and love. If you have been inspired by any of the products above please reach out to the maker to purchase or for more information. Use our handy shopping guide!

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Stay tuned for our next LOOT Collection feature: Simple Style: On the Table.

Photos/styling: Melissa DiPalma