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San Francisco, CA

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Jan Hammock is a mom of two teens, wife, cook and design entrepreneur of Millie | Lottie, a San Francisco brand of Food & Picnic Totes. She offers luxurious totes that are a modern, simple and elegant solution to carrying and sharing food. Her hope is that your Millie | Lottie becomes your one Tote. 

Millie | Lottie is named in honor of Jan's family influences and inspirations. Mildred, her mom, inspired the food totes. She mastered the world of entertaining and sharing her well-loved culinary dishes around their small Virginia town. She was practical, had style and lived her life to the fullest, surrounded by community. Jan grew up being branded by scorching dishes balanced on her lap. Lottie is named after her paternal Aunt Lottie Gray, a true Southerner by design and by desire.

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Settle Ceramics

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Made Locally In:
Austin, Texas

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Everyday Heirlooms for the Modern Kitchen + Home

Settle is about making the everyday beautiful for your kitchen and home. The work is made with intent to become family heirlooms that are cherished. Each piece is hand thrown and glazed with care. 

Samantha Heligman is the artist behind Settle Ceramics. Settle has been her labor of love for the past 3 years and now it has more to do with the way she lives than just about working with clay everyday. She believes in making objects that mean something, items that are meant to be cherished for years, generations. We live in a disposable world and the idea of objects being precious has lost a bit of its luster to most people. Samantha want to change that. So she makes what she makes with the intent that they will last, become your favorite mug or bowl.

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Concrete Style: Culinarium

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Concrete Ware for Kitchen + Home

Biddeford, Maine

What do you make and how did you start?
Almost 6 years ago, we started with an idea for a concrete ware brand for kitchen + home accessories. This idea came out of necessity while cooking in our own kitchen. Jordan, husband & father to 3 who cooks for the family, wanted some of the most commonly utilized items to be made from what he liked aesthetically. Since his background was in manipulating concrete, Jordan decided to make a Salt Cellar for himself! Once friends showed interested in this & other products we made, we began to design items for sale on-line. Now that we have been able to fine tune our suite of products to reflect how we live & entertain, we have discovered that our proprietary mix of cement can be utilized for so much more... We have started to partner up with other brands & companies creating "private label" products that can be found in offices, restaurants, shops, hotels and homes. Since we first started this company, we have seen how it has evolved over the years. We are excited to see what's next!

Hexi Bowl

Hexi Bowl

What is unique or special about your products?
At first, what made us stand out was that no one was crafting small concrete goods for home use, and it had not yet become fashionable with the everyday marketplace. We were excited to observe the idea of concrete ware become more of a reality in peoples homes and beyond. Today what I think makes us stand out... is that we stand behind our products 100% with a satisfaction guarantee. We believe in our ability to create products that will last a lifetime. We are so honored when a customer takes the time to choose one of our hand-made products to be part of their lifestyle, that we want to assure them of a smooth & successful transaction. We have had competitors along the way, but find treating customer & client relationships with the utmost respect creates a lasting platform in which we can grow & create.

Classic Salt Cellar

Classic Salt Cellar

How does the New England region influence your business or products?
Day to day living is where we draw upon for inspiration... We have moved several times over the last 10yrs. restoring & renovating old New England homes on our own. We enjoy the simplicity of good design mixed with pieces that can tell a story. Our very first Salt Cellar sits proudly on our new carrara marble countertops surrounded by a mix of new & timeless accoutrements. But that one piece shows years of patina, years of family meals & gatherings. It's what helps make our house feel more like a home. When we go to dinner parties... we'll discover a house ware being put to use, that would not only look better if we made it, but would in fact be more utilitarian. From this thought, we'll go home & start designing what will later become a prototype before being made. Inspiration can come at anytime from anyplace... you just have to keep your eyes & mind open.

Pinch Bowl

Pinch Bowl

Where are you based?
A couple of years ago, we moved our small workshop to a larger facility during one of the worst winters Maine has seen in recent years. One of the best decisions (and scariest) we ever made. We are now in a restored textile mill building along the Saco River in Biddeford, Maine filled with artists, businesses, restaurants & more. Being a small business owner can lead to a solitary work style most of the time. That is no longer the case as we've been welcomed by other commercial tenants within the building & have formed a relationship with many who have a shared interest in what we do. Our new space allows us to manufacture goods for our own brands, boutique retailers & larger companies. We now have the ability to scale up or down depending on the time of year & business needs. One of the best things about our new workspace, is that we have enough square footage to house our entire operation in one space, from office to manufacturing to our shipping department. Which makes for a streamlined process on a daily basis.