Lobster Claw Bands

"Today we took in about 800 lobsters, an average day for us now at the beginning of August. I actually prefer going out to pull the traps in October and November and the colder months. The air is cool, the work is busy and our catch is more."
- Matt, lobsterman along side his uncle, Gloucester, MA

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Never Miss a Step: Bytten

Matisse Slide for Fitbit Charge & Charge HR

Matisse Slide for Fitbit Charge & Charge HR

Personalizing Wearable Tech

Cambridge, MA
Jodi Slater, Founder & CEO

What is unique or special about your products/designs? 
I have a background in UX and design and make it a priority that our products are easy to use and that they complement but do not limit the functionality of the fitness tracker or smartwatch we “accessorize”. For example, we don’t cover up the display or the buttons that manage the Fitbit display. We think the Apple Watch is beautiful in and of itself and wanted to complement it’s simplicity and form factor and allow people to personalize their bands vs. changing the appearance dramatically. 

Wearable Stacks for Apple Watch

Wearable Stacks for Apple Watch

We use 3D printing throughout our design and manufacturing process. All of our products are initially prototyped via 3D printing which allows us to respond quickly to the evolving wearable tech landscape.  Some of our products - e.g., the Symbol collection are even produced via 3D printing. In fact, we recently launched a Custom Collection which allows customers to upload a simple image or symbol of their own or to add a monogram or a short word to our Rasa slide. This is very exciting because then we are able to harness the real power of 3D printing to create bespoke jewelry. 3D printing also allowed us to go from concept to launch in 6 months.

Positive Charge Slide for Fitbit Charge & Charge HR

Positive Charge Slide for Fitbit Charge & Charge HR

How does the New England region influence your business or products?
The inspiration for the business came to me one day (in Jan 2014) when I was standing outside of MIT about to attend a lecture. I thought to myself - I am fascinated by the wearable tech and fashion ‘phenom' that is happening right now. I have a background in tech, customer experience and design and I want to do something meaningful in this space. There were several forces that came together to create this “moment’:

  • In 2012 I had co-founded a local beauty startup which gave me some insight into the local beauty / fashion scene.
  • I had and still have several ideas based on “pain points” in various people’s lives - health related pain points - that I thought beautiful wearable tech could help improve.
  • I had gotten a Fitbit to track my sleep and thought there was an opportunity to make it more “fashionable” and so I figured I would start there and see if I could get any traction. 
  • Originally I was going to create my own "wearable tech” product but have been quite busy making accessories for other people’s products so we are sticking to that for now.

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Hand Painted: Sage et Cie

Asian Inspired for Everyday

Hull, MA
Renee LeFevre - Owner & designer of Sage et Cie

What is unique or special about your products/designs?
The artwork of the prints is hand-painted. The Kyoto collection of prints is inspired by patterns found in kimonos and wood block prints from the 19th century. We are an eco-conscious brand using mindfully-sourced, high quality and sustainable materials. We use unbleached cotton and no environmentally-harming dyes. Our Italian vachetta leather is vegetable-tanned. Our notebooks are 100% recycled and the ink is vegetable-based. Our candles are 100% soy and have aromatherapeutic benefits from the essential oils. All products are made in the USA.

How does the New England region influence your work?
My handbags are extremely versatile for everyday use whether you're going out to dinner in Boston, hitting a farmer's market at SoWa or going to the beach on the Cape. My notebooks are great for journaling when you're cozying up by a fire during a typical New England winter day. My candles are great for gifts all year round even if they're for yourself! I sell my collection at SoWa Open Market for the whole season from May to October. I talk to local people, gathering stories about their lives in New England. There's a refreshing sense of community, intellectuality, optimism and joie de vivre here in Boston.  




Be Green: Ser Verde Shoes

Based in Boston, Handmade in Spain

What is unique or special about your products/designs?
We found these beautiful handcrafted shoes while traveling and instantly fell in love with them.  What we love is how unique they are as well as the bright colors, the comfort and the style. Each shoe is handcrafted out of leather or cloth and are all ecofriendly.  We promote green living and our company stands for Be Green. 

The leather Menorquinas come in Suede as well as a leather. These are made on the island of Menorca, Spain and come in many colors and styles. The cloth Espadrilles are all handmade in Rioja, Spain and the Jute and rubber bottoms come from trees.  They are uni-foot so there is no right or left.  They offer extreme comfort and are all one of a kind.  

For the future, I am working on a leather closed toe Espadrille style to come in this Summer to Boston. Also, we have a small children's line and will be selling them in Cou Cou, Boston and a women's line in Holiday Boutique in Beacon Hill.  

How does being based in Boston influence your work?
We are a family business and have a showroom at 46 Waltham Street in Boston's vibrant South End.  We have been residents of this community since 2005 and have watched all of the area's positive changes.  


Instagram: serverdeshoes