Summer Squash

"There's an old joke...never leave your car windows open in August in New England, else you come back to find your car filled with zucchini."
- Joanne, trying to keep up with squash harvest in Maine


"Our sunflowers are cut in the field first thing in the morning. We then get them to our markets in Boston the same day so they are as fresh as possible."
- Mike, Field Manager, Siena Farms, Sudbury, MA

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Low Tide

"I used to spend time out here as a kid. At one point my dad bought the land which includes access to the tidal flats where we have set up the oyster beds. The oysters will grow in beds out here until they are large enough to harvest. When the tide goes out we can work on moving them from bed to bed and doing maintenance. It's a beautiful spot." - Skip, Island Creek Oysters, Duxbury, MA

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Half Shell

"I probably eat a couple oysters a day while working out here - I think its more than anyone else on the crew! I can't imagine working indoors in an office everyday. It can be tough sometimes in the winter, but most of the time it's great." - Ursula, Island Creek Oysters, Duxbury, MA

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Oyster Harvest

"We cull the oysters into different groups. Ones that are too small go back into the bay to grow some more, really big ones are set aside. We are looking for the perfect three inch oysters to sell to our customers." - Mark, Island Creek Oysters, Duxbury, MA

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